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  • Convert AVI to MP3 in bulk or individually
    You can add multiple AVI files to the program, specify the output settings or playback device and get all added AVI files converted to MP3 format in no time.
  • Convert Music for iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone
    The program offers optimized conversion presets for most popular devices so you don’t have to think of the best output settings for them. Let us say you choose “Music for iPhone 4S” preset. Our developers have optimized its settings (audio codec, bitrates, mono/stereo channels, etc.) so that you get quality sound and small file size. However, you can change any setting to tune the preset for your specific needs.
  • Send MP3s Directly to iTunes
    If you select Apple device conversion preset, the program will send converted music to iTunes. If you use Expert mode, you can also send output music to iTunes by selecting “Send to iTunes” option. Alternatively, you can create your own conversion template and set it to send output music to iTunes as well.
  • Convert AVI to MP3 for Free
    Mega Video Converter is distributed as freeware without any hidden costs or limitations.
  • Get Fully Functional Music and Video Converter
    The program is not limited to “AVI to MP3” converting feature. You will get free fully functional audio/video converter.
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